martes, 22 de marzo de 2011

There is no compassion in Hell
but I'll go down to Hades,
without fear.
Beside me, my friend and ally, the Wolf
and my love, soft and deep as Night
warm and bright as Day,
Dressed in blue and black,
jet black hair
my vamp, my sweet vamp
and her immortal kiss, my eternal love...
and the mighty Wolf, my friend,
we'll shake the foundations of Hell.

26 comentarios:

Racsóuran dijo...

y para q demonios quieres ir al infierno?, O_o jajaja

Mar dijo...

Valaf, the Wolf and the vamp int the Hell! Oh, my God! It's very dangerous! Belcebú is scared!

Kisses from de Hell!!!

Valaf dijo...

Mar, If He's scared he should be ready to run because if we take him by his horns we'll slapping him even in his ID.
By the way, what side are you?

More kisses for you

Mar dijo...

What's ID? Identity Card?

I'm on the dark side of Hell... jajajaja!

Valaf dijo...

Mar, yes, I don't know if this guy will have something like that.

In other words, you're with merce. Well, it's good to know it, jajajaja

Mari dijo...

Are we going to go down to hell, sure? Well, honey, whatever you say but first, let me bite your neck, only a little, my love...ummm...and then we can go wherever you want.
Kisses, my vampire...jaja

mágico dijo...


of course, my bloody friend!

merce, I like your home. Maybe I´ll be a while, jeje.

Antony Sampayo dijo...

Bueno, Valaf, te deseo suerte en ese viaje, se que la necesitaras, je je je, y tu lobo también.


Aniquiladora dijo...

¡Madre mía! Nunca entenderé a los hombres: hacen la guerra, descienden a los infiernos, pero cuando les enseñas la depiladora eléctrica o las pinzas de las cejas, anda que no echan a correr como alma que lleva el diablo.
Inocentes diablillos...


elena dijo...

Ok, then, I'm suposed to join a faction...

Well, I hate vampires, they're disgusting, dead, cold and blood lovers..ugh.

Either I dislike demons, cruel and quite stupid.


Mágico, don't you know that vampires always betray werewolves?
Forget about blood drinkers and join a new team. Perhaps this will be interesting at the end.

Valaf dijo...

My little vamp, with you I go to the end of the world and underworld, if necessary.
Kisses baby

Valaf dijo...

Watson, they are already running with their tails between their legs, jajajaja

Valaf dijo...

Bah, Antony, será un paseo, jejeje

Valaf dijo...

Ostia!, pues claro: ¿Qué es de Pilar? Pues arrancarse los pelos de uno en uno, jajajaja. Además, que nos vayan las guerritas no quiere decir que encima seamos masocas, jajaja

Un beso, Ani

Valaf dijo...

Don't you decide? You can always be a reporter narrating the battle (but I suggest you do so before the sunset, jejeje)

Mar dijo...

Hi, Merce! Thanks!
Yes, I'm on the right side, but Valaf say that I had chosen incorrectly... I think he is mistaken jajajajaja! He doesn't know that I a terrible girl!

Come on, Merce to the dark side of Hell!!!

And Mari... would you like to come with us?

Kisses for everybody!

Valaf dijo...

A terrible girl? And things become clearer: for a moment I thought you were part of the infernal hosts, had even thought you liked taking sulfur baths in Hell itself. But now you say you're a girl !!!


Watson, I think the battle will be easier than I thought, jajajaja

More kisses for you, Mar

elena dijo...

My dear Valaf.
Mar is right, bad girls are much more dangerous than demons, that's a fact.

If I were you I'd be carefull, women have hidden weapons, you know.

Now I think I'll sit and enjoy your game, that will be a laugh.


Valaf dijo...

I'll confess you one thing, elena: a woman is a thousand times more dangerous than a demon, right. Sweetness and intelligence of women (some of them). Those eyes that undress your soul, these are the most powerful weapons I've ever met.

Kisses for you

Mari dijo...

Mar...How could I leave my vampire? I think he's a charming vampire, so I'm sorry...jaja

Aniquiladora dijo...

Muy fácil, Mari. Tú te unes a nosotras en secreto, a él le dices que vienes como "infiltrada", y que le vas a pasar información de alto nivel. Yo creo que no hará falta explicarles un cuento entero, pienso que con un par de viñetas de Mortadelo y Filemón tendrás de sobras para que caigan en la trampa. Y mientras tanto, con la información veraz que tú nos pases, fraguamos el final de esta guerra y nos hacemos con el mando de la Taverna dels Valars. A partir de ese momento, pues las chicas nos acomodaremos en los sofás, y ellos, pues eso, a servir las copas y a fregar. Yo creo que es un buen plan, más te diré, estos dos no se van a percatar de la traición, a menos, claro, que se les ocurra leer este mensaje, mensaje urgente, secreto, cifrado y sólo para tus ojos, así que si lo han leído y son hombres nobles y honrados, deberán hacer como que nunca lo leyeron.

Funcionará, sí.


elena dijo...

I beg your excuses, merce.
I really couldn't imagine that you would feel so indentificated with "stupid demons".

And about cooking, you know, it's difficult for me to perform hell flavours, my meal tastes well. I'm sorry.

Mar dijo...

Valaf, the girls are worse than demons, yes! You think the battle will be easy, but you are mistaken again! jajajaja!

Elena you think correctly about the gilrs and demons. Come on with us and'll win the battle to them.

Ohhhhhhhhh! Mari, I'm very sad because you don't come with us, but I understand you prefer to be with your charming vampire.

Jajajaja, Aniki, me apunto a tu plan, ese de que pongan las copas y frieguen y tal. Desde luego que es un plan estupendo. Genial


Valaf dijo...

Let's see, women are more dangerous than demons, that's obvious, but they are lovely beings, what can we do? Nothing. I was a man before vampire and now I enjoy doubly 'cause I'm a vampire who has a woman who is also a vamp. Oh, my God, that's incredible!, jajajaja.
On the other hand, I think Watson-Lupus would not mind making a streptease with me at the Tavern, in front of girls, but is prohibited any swoon, a Vampire and a Wolf are a serious thing on these issues. Oh Yeah !

Mar, you've chosen the wrong side. Wouldn't you like being a vamp, sure?
Elena thinks about it, but I think that she'll come with us. And merce, well, merce is the leader of the demons, but she's a noble enemy that doesn't ask for treason in the other side.

But we should not divert attention, ladies-demons: we have gone down to Hell and we're still waiting for the famous bath of sulfur. By the way, your boss has fled with his tail between his legs and the trident as a hat. I think the victory is ours and you, Ladies-demons, have no choice but to pay homage to us, jajajaja

Kisses, Ladies

Valaf dijo...

Well, as I see it ends in a draw, I propose a party; a party in a moonlight.
Runs the wine! Not blood.
Let the music play under the starry sky.
Vampires and demons, Men and beasts, let's use intelligence and not the fangs!
Let's enjoy the love! Not war.

Music, please.

Mari dijo...

I think so. A party on the beach under the moon. It's a great idea!
A lot of kisses, my vampire...jaja