martes, 1 de marzo de 2011

Black flowed the blood
on the hoary stone.
Who forged the flame for traveller's heart?
wild and black winds
from lonely mouths
black shadow gleams with evil
through haunted hills,
chords of fire from burning hearts
wich don't know fear.

11 comentarios:

Mari dijo...

This is another level, belongs to another level, I mean. I have no doubt about it.
Music? A very powerful song!
Jordi...a lot of Kisses for you

MySelf dijo...

Disculpa el meu anglès Valaf, és molt dolent. el tema musical i el solo de guitarra, guapo, sí.

Una forta abraçada

Valaf dijo...

Oh, thanks Mari...

More Kisses for you !!

Valaf dijo...

My, si us plau, no diguis aixó. Saps que m'encanta que siguis aquí.

Un petó

elena dijo...

I really believe this music comes from Hell... ufffffff.

As Mari, Wow!! really powerful words, friend.

Valaf dijo...

Thank you for your words, elena.


Aniquiladora dijo...

The truth is clear from the beginning. Who is not connected to the forms don't need to be "reformed". Roses are red and blood too. Watch your hands... and forget what the books and dictionaries say about them, then you discover many details you never seen before. And they are your hands¡ Try not to name things and the true nature of things appear in front of you.


Valaf dijo...

You have written some very wise words, Ani. As for what you say about the books, I'll tell you one thing: I have never believed what the books say, at least I have always viewed them with suspicion. Why? You see, I play with reality and with its masks. And when the ground is moving beneath my feet, I look at my hands: they often tell me about the mystery thousand times more than all the books together from all Masters together, from ancient times till now.


mágico dijo...

Great, my friend, and yes, another level, jajaja... the song brings me good back memories!

Valaf dijo...

Well, what could I tell you about ACDC? you're the boss!! (el puto amo, jajaja)

lali dijo...

jo no se angles!!!!!! buahhhhh

mil petons