lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

Even if the marvel travels to the ends of Time; 
even if the Secret's hidden in the same underworld, I will find it
'cause has not still born the answer that I am not able to find. 
For I'm a dreamer and not a shadow of Time,
from House of Men who don't crawl like worms.

7 comentarios:

Mari dijo...

And I'm sure of it, Jordi...
...Take my hand and take me up, among the stars.


Valaf dijo...

Put on glass slippers, darling, and a blue dress. And I'll make you a crown of stars.

Kisses for you, Mari

mágico dijo...

Oh, sorry! I only speak germany.

Alls crus piquen, cuits mai couen.


Valaf dijo...

Doncs jo sé una mica d'àrab, guaita

"Hala maja, baja la raja de mi Yamaha"

que viene a ser:

"Oye, nena, baja de mi moto", jajajaja

Bier !!!!

elena dijo...

I don't understand very well what does "the ends of Time" mean, but in any case I wish you good luck in your search.

mágico dijo...

I answer your question, Elena.

At the end of Time magazine had a very artistic photos of some beautiful ladies who deserve to collect.

Men affairs, you know?

Valaf dijo...

Well, maybe it could be the beginning of a new way of understanding our realción with Cosmos.
The end of time is the end of a way of understanding ourselves, the dawn of the end; the end of knowledge based on the separation, that's to say, the dawn of true power. You just have to open your eyes and touch it with your fingertips. And the ability to dream is the gate that allows the access to these realms.
Anyone who refuses to dream or perceives this as an unreal nonsense, is dead, no use to cross the border.

Thanks, elena