sábado, 12 de febrero de 2011

A thousand times has beaten the Hammer
on the black anvil of the law 
strike again, once again 
with the strength 
of a Man 
who refuses to be defeated 
by the black maw of the blind inertia.
Only Love saves the seeker from madness.

5 comentarios:

Isa dijo...

Me quemo valaf. Fuerza y vigor..........y esa musica....te dejo un beso caliente.

Valaf dijo...

Mujer, es que la foto esa echa unas chispas que no veas, jajajaja
Y la música es fuerte, sí (una versión de Hurricane, Scorpions, que hicieron con la filarmónica de Berlín, creo recordar)

Venga, otro beso

Mari dijo...

It has nothing to envy to the best English-language epics. It's very good, Jordi, has great pace and strength. You have left alone the verse referred to man, which gives a deep meaning.
You know that kind of music don't like me too much , but I'll not detract the poem by that detail.
Very good.
And a lot of kisses, "O captain my captain"

Valaf dijo...


Muak!!! (del 15), darling

Sakkarah dijo...

Es que como el amor no hay nada...

Muchos besos, Valaf.