miércoles, 23 de febrero de 2011

A perverse sweetness covers the dungeons of mind
endless mirages
turning around themselves,
glass dome enclosing the mediocrity;
stupid questions turning around the mistery
from the dark mouth of masters
who perpetuate the enslavement of men
showing their viewless gaze.

2 comentarios:

Mari dijo...

Mind is a mirror, this has already been said by the ancients. But a mirror reflects light outside, but it is not a light source. Anyone who believes that mind is the source of all has not learned anything from what say these masters.
Jordi...a lot of Kisses for you -and a very nice song.

Valaf dijo...

Mari, there's much written mythology about Mind as the principal director of human drama, right.
I'm intrigued by one thing: almost all those masters preach extinction, emptiness, silence, but a silence that wouldn't go beyond the mirror which you refer. It's an empty silence, a sterile belief for a human being who is projected to stars as a builder of his destiny (albeit with his feet on the ground)

More kisses for you, Mari