domingo, 30 de enero de 2011

Riding the wind, through the night,
riding the shadows.
Black stars on the horizon,
my soul on fire, straight to Hell.
I can see how Devil flees, 
scared stiff.

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mágico dijo...

Motors running
Now you're gonna learn
Waiting on the line
Make your tires burn
Fast, faster,
Speeding always kills
Nothing else takes us to get these thrills

Wheels of fire burn the night
Ride across the sky
Wheels of fire burning bright
We live to ride

Blood and thunder on the road
My heart is pounding
My blood is nitroglycerin
I'm fire
Burning, burning,
Ready to explode
Don't want nothing left of me to scrape off the road

"Wheels of fire" (Manowar).

Dòna-li veu!!

I think this song is suitable, my friend, like ring to finger.

Valaf dijo...

By the rider's skull! Brutal. I'm still standing on the table with my laptop as guitar. But if They come, I become the Ghost Rider and jumped out the window with my whip!

Oh yeah!

Mari dijo...

Hey Mágico, I just heard your song...what a headache, my God...jaja.

Riding the wind and shadows through the night...these words along with the ghostly image of the Ghost Rider and, a forceful and powerful metaphor, Jordi.

By the way, Chris Rea's song is very good, I didn't know it
Kisses Jordi

elena dijo...

Good picture, music and poem, wow !

Come on, riding Harleys shouldn't be only male business...
I'll take my leather clothes now...

yeah !

Valaf dijo...

Two Ghost-cowboys rode ghostly shadows of fire, yeah!
Nobody has still born able to instill fear in their hearts. They sail the shadows, jajaja
And that's a very spectacular song, OK

More kisses for you, Mari

Valaf dijo...

That's true, elena. And if business have to be dark, be in Hell!, tricking the devil himself.
Leather boots, of course. But don’t forget the black jacket with skull, jajaja

Thanks, elena

elena dijo...

Not only a skull but the Jolly Roger...

what else?

Valaf dijo...

What else?

Well, let's see...
you're done!,
you can leave your hat on,
albeit in flames.
Jolly Roger?, well, you can take it in hand, jajajajajaja

Oscar dijo...

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