jueves, 27 de enero de 2011

Icy fire was spit on their face, twice,
thousand wishes were done
and they fell, one by one, on the way to Hell.
Where had been hidden the Heaven's door, they fell
and the silver bridge was found
because they fell in love.
And Devil laughed,
he took off his mask, showing his light,
his work had been done.

4 comentarios:

Mari dijo...

Heaven and Hell, two pairs of opposites are reconciled by love. Truly great, Jordi.
Really beautiful and deep. You're a genius, and I'm not kidding, by the way.
Kisses Jordi

Valaf dijo...

You're very kindly, Mari. Well, I think you've done a very accurate interpretation of the poem. As for the genius that you say, well, I still don't know go out from a magic lamp, but over time...who knows?, jajaja.

Kisses for you, Mari

mágico dijo...

When Devil laughts Heaven trembles.

Biutiful like Bardem´s film.

Valaf dijo...

One and the same is laughter and trembling, said eagle. "No way", said the worm. And man, half-way, doubt it.

Thanks, my friend